Splendid, somewhere between Connor Oberst, James Yuill and The Notwist.

– Rckstr Magazine


What’s a Grant Lassie?

You entered the precious little website of Grant Lassie from Zurich, Switzerland. We play Indie-Rock mixed with some 70s guitars, 80s synth and 90s beats. We got country-roots and folky lyrics, funky tunes and trashy overdrives.

There’s Robin who writes and produces the songs for Grant Lassie. On stage he’s singing, playing the guitar and handling some wild tools like the harmonica or the classic flute. He wrote his first song in 2002 when he lived and studied in Eugene, Oregon. This rainy place is the root of all inspiration for him, that, and funny dogs of course. Then there’s Christoph, our bass-playing master, funky as it gets, slapping his Jazzmaster. Every tone below natural limits is his working zone, also thriving all signature synth-basses that Grant Lassie is known for. And let’s talk about Nina, the golden voice, adding the right tune whenever harmonies are needed. Momentarily we’re forcing her to learn an instrument. Almost forgot Roli the drummer, actually the only member that is in full control of his instrument, syncing the hell out of his Roland Pads, beating his drum set like a mathematician. Say what?

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Some music from our album „Of Tigers & Crowns“ as well as a few „classics“.

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